Soundtrack for Short Documentary Houshi - By Fritz Schumann

Yay! It's finally online! 
This is a short documentary by my friend Fritz Schumann, a talented filmmaker who is just starting out. I had the privilege to help him with his second film "Houshi" by making a bit of music.

Houshi is a hotel in Japan which has a 1300(!) year old history. It is still in the same family, in the 46th generation. But things are not easy and simple. The pressure of the promise to the ancestors to keep Houshi running can be difficult to deal with. Particularly after the oldest son passed away a few years ago and the competition gets more and more fierce. Challenging the traditional way of things.
Fritz managed to do very intimate interviews with the father, the mother and the daughter, who is still uncertain about her role at Houshi. Let's hope that they will get through these tough times. Still: there is a silver lining on the horizon :)


Making the music was a fun process! I will cherish the memory of these evenings after work when I made little changes here and there. With many mails going forth and back I learned substantial lessons about music for film. Fritz helped a great deal with his very precise and helpful feedback.

That was a good preparation for the future. So: Keep an eye out for the next projects! Which includes a rather challenging and big one as well. They should arrive on your screen in the coming 3-6 months :)

Hope you like it!

Soundtrack is on Bandcamp but also on Soundcloud:

Charms. A tiny set of OS start/shutdown/notification sounds!

Just found old .wav files of selfmade ringtones and OS startup/shutdown sounds. I put 3 of my favorite little charms online on soundcloud, because I want to have an online archive and: ... make them available! If anyone on the vast internet is interested.

I will keep this playlist around for several years and make eventually a full, album like set out of it. Until then it won't appear on Bandcamp or these places. It is just too tiny and small for that ;)

Hope you like it!

A new set on Soundcloud: Improvisation for a Wedding Ceremony

Hello! So I've decided to upload and post that.

These are improvisations I played at a very intimate wedding ceremony of friends of mine in 2013. 

The wedding ceremony of K. and K. :)

The improvisations are not significantly different than what I used to do all these years, but it felt nice to play my standard repertoire for this special occasion. 
There are several rythmic/melodic hiccups but I don't really mind. Listening to it simply reminds me of this lovely summer day, and that's all I need. That's why I wanted to share it with you guys :)

Hope you like it!


Shibaraku Kikyou - しばらく 帰郷 - finally finished!!! It's complete

So after I've accumulated all images from my trip to Japan in 2010 it is time to revisit all these impressions. 

906 of them to be exact ^^

Interesting to see how my way of editing changed from time to time. The first time I had a look at these images was in Spring 2011. The early ones are my favorite, I guess because the impressions I had were so powerful for me. Haven't been in Japan for 12 years at that point.

I still have hours of video and audio material which I wanted to use for a multimedia installation, I have a bad feeling though that they will never see the day of light ... well, who knows :)

That was it, Shibaraku Kikyou in 2010!

Shibaraku Kikyou - しばらく 帰郷

Shibaraku Kikyou - しばらく 帰郷

Soundtrack for a tiny timelapse video of Lilies

Finally, it's online! A tiny, petite video on Lilies.

Almost 3 years ago two friends of mine made a timelapse video and were looking for some music. So Holly and I took the time on a rainy afternoon in summer 2011 to improvise something on that.

Lovely idea by Juergen to make it reverse in the end, for a happy ending 
It was lying around for quite some time, since they were very busy. I can relate to that ... but any way: it's out! Thx to Juergen for the editing :)