Absurdity of time flying ... and ChamberJam!

Well, well ... i know, it is already (at least nearly) christmas and there is still no audio-section. Not even a slightest change in my visual galleries. Yeah, too much diversion isn't really healthy for a huuuuge To-Do list. It just gets bigger and bigger ;)

Anyway! There will be an audio-section when i have finished my first "debut-demo-tape-album-thing". Being a little more realistic now, i would say this could be at the end of february.

 There is no AudioVisual section yet BUT! there is already some content!! ^^ Although it is not really an AudioVisual project of a kind i usually dream of from day to day. But a unique and fun one!

 The content i speak of is a project called "ChamberJam".

This is a liveStreaming event, where small amateurBands can show off while playing in a cozy enviroment ...  a living room for instance! Using livestream apps we are able to broadcast a small and tiny concert out of a tiny room into the world.

While my colleague was doing the main part (SoundEngineering etc) it was my part to document this whole event the proper way: with a small hd-camcorder and a lot of inevitable editing.

 3 Videos are already online at http://www.youtube.com/user/MayrhoferMevy

- First one was at the end of April: the lovely and mellow "ManekiNekoc".

- Second at the end of May: the funny, very austrian/bavarian but also very emotional "K&K".

- Third at the end of June: featuring the Pop/Rock/Blues band "Silent Fish" ... in a very unusual setting.

 Especially the first one was quite exciting. Because it was my first time filming and you can surely imagine how many mistakes one can make ^^

Btw: Everything is in german only .. sry!! but you know *ehem* music transcends language barriers ;)


more to come ... in this decade!! ;)