New video! :: monogatari

When i first improvised this track back in autumn 2008 i had these kind of images in my mind. I wanted to make a video clip right after i finished this track but it took me 2 years to gather the right material.

I was kinda lazy, since there is just plain fading and panning at work. Before i started i had more complex movements in my mind but now i really like the way it turned out: very calm and mighty. As mountains often are! ^^
(... but this will be definitely not the last time that i try to capture rainy&cloudy mountains. There is still a lot (a lot!!!!) missing in this collage)

All in all i have to say that monogatari is (out of my own improvisations) still my favourite track. It just happened. It just evolved without any resistance. I rarely have these moments. And i have them even more rarely recorded. So i am incredibly satisfied that the music has finally found a visual counterpart ;)

Pictures were taken in Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture in Japan in September 2010. On that day i was a bit sick (had quite high fever in the night) so i was about to skip the trip to the mountains. But luckily a friend of mine, i met at the hostel in Hida-Takayama, convinced me otherwise :P

Thank you, Yujiang
Thank you so much! :)


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