New Video! :: ano toki あの時

Another video! :P since i failed at a kind of crucial exam there is nothing better than calming yourself down with the help of the arts ;)
I recorded this impro back in July at the Art University in Graz. That is the room where i got my weekly 20-40min of piano lessons. Too bad that i am already above the quota of 4 semesters of lessons :( but in this time my teacher helped me learning to listen properly again. Janna Polyzoides is the best, i'm very thankful :)

"ano toki" (Japanese for "that time") has often a nostalgic vibe. I didn't have a title when i improvised it, but when i was listening to the edited version over and over again i kinda felt like going for "ano toki".
"ano toki" is a phrase you will definitely hear in every Japanese sentimental television Drama or film. Like "Ano toki no natsu oboerukai...? // Do you remember that summer ... ?" Lol, it has a very sentimental J-pop feeling to it ^^

It was recorded on July 21st 2010
Summer holidays at the Art University in Graz are awesome. Because most of the professional pianists are out of town and the chances to get a decent piano room are veeery high :)
I spent a week (3 hours daily) on the piano, improvising mainly in A-minor (brrr!), from which i always try to get away from ... but i always end up playing it ... a vicious circle that is!

I have to check the other material; maybe one or two tracks are going to follow in the next weeks/months/years (which are probably also based on A-minor ... )

hope you like it!

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