New Video! :: Tabibito no Hanashi // 旅人の話し

旅人の話し (Tabibito no Hanashi) is Japanese, meaning "Story/Tale of a traveller" .. or better " ... of a wanderer"

I first considered something with Sakura (mainly because it is very Asian sounding :P) but it is too fast moving for that, imo. I thought a travelling/roaming theme is better suited. If i remember correctly i even thought about something RPG-ish while improvising.

This is actually the first track i recorded this Summer. You can see me hesitating what to play at the beginning. I thought of something more deviant this time, but at the end i still held tight onto A-minor (white pentatonic) ^^
I have to say i was quite surprised when i listened to the material yesterday (being the first time in months). I had it being much worse in my memory, but now i ended up really liking it. It is always the same style but why not having some fun until i eventually graduate from improvising in A-minor only? ;)
btw. sry for the bad sound quality; i used low end gear with low end knowledge ;P

Hope you like it! :)

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