New Video! :: Yūgure, Kawa-ni, Hanabira // 夕暮れ, 川に, 花びら

The theme/title might sound very sentimental but you know; i just feel like that ;)
Maybe the last one of the summer recordings ... i discovered 3-5 other tracks in the data masses today which might be worth editing&posting but .. well, let me think about that :P

"Yūgure, Kawa-ni, Hanabira" is Japanese, literally translated as "Dawn/sunset, at the river, Flower-petals"

... Well no haiku or something fancy. Just 3 words ;)
Improvising and then listening to the recording an image of a peaceful but mysterious scenery came up in my mind. If i get to it i will definitely work on a painting which describes it also visually (haven't done one in ages but i could at least try :P)

This is maybe my favourite improv piece of the recording session of summer. Why? hmm .. not sure ^^ Maybe because it simply evokes a strong image for me. Kind of straightforward without being too repetitive.
I also like the audio best here. Sorry for the varying audio quality but i tried several recording positions and editing choices with these recordings. Could be quite bothersome when i try to sum them up into one "album".

Well, i hope you like it! On vimeo and youtube


ps: in case you might be wondering: yeah the b/w image is horizontally flipped. I did that for aesthetical reasons ;P