huh .. ? ~what?!

Alright, it's over. Officially over!

No deadlines or dates anymore. ;) I simply can't keep up with everything and it really hurts to make promises to myself and never fulfill them. So i'll just do what i do and hope that at some point i'll be surprised by myself that i have in fact accomplished something. Like: "Oh! wow, i have an album now. Never thought of that .. " :P

Yeah, meanwhile i'll still update my galleries and maybe i'll start to build an AudioVisual section here. Because i have a bit of (amateurish)material on my Youtube/Vimeo account now.

I will just give you the links. And if you are like: "What the h.. ?!" then read the description for some explanation/infos ;P

From Jan 2006: - Nosferatu with my improvised music

And this is my so called ScrapBook section: little experiments with visuals and sound

This one is from Jan 2010: -

This one from March 2007: -


So to the 3.5 people who read this: bye!! and take care! :)