pssst! .. it's not an album!!

Well, it is and is not at the same time! ;)

I thought it was time to move on and leave all the experiments of the past behind. I could have sealed those tracks on my hard-drive forever but i decided to release them so the public can make fun of me! ^^ Since the web is such an open place i thought it might be interesting when people (and even myself) look back on this experimental-release-"thing" years later, when i am finally able to read sheets and play rhythmically correct ;)

You can get the "demo-tape-thing" at Jamendo and

One thing i noticed while i did some re-mastering yesterday (which was very shocking to me) is the fact that my DigitalPiano (a Roland) sounds like sh**. Incredibly harsh, aggressive ... it's terrifying! The last two tracks on that album are recorded on a real Steinwas/Bösendorfer grand piano, you can clearly hear how natural it sounds compared to the other tracks. I guess i will use my Roland only in emergencies ... or i have to figure out how to change that rock-hard sound of it. ugh!

oh, btw! Here's a Copy&Paste of the description on Jamendo. Too lazy to rewrite it :P

The meaning of the Japanese word "hajime" is "beginning" and since this demo-tape is in fact a beginning i thought it might be an adequate title :)

To be honest though, "hajime" is not really an album ;) It is more like a collection of little amateurish experiments i did in the course of last year (2009/2010). There are many things i don't like about several tracks: the piano sound is too harsh or the musical structure is uninspired etc ... it is a beginning, the first step to hopefully evolve musically.

One thing i tried though was to implement some kind of a narrative structure. I wanted to start with the "end" (Wild Tempered Elegy) and end with a beginning (hajime). I don't know if that worked out, it's for you to judge.

Well, you know, i tried! ^^

hope you like it!



This Album features several audio-files(ambience) from under the usage of CreativeCommons:

A Bar Piano ::

A Prayer to the Sea ::


hajime ::


Many many thanks to all of the contributors on! It's an incredibly inspiring platform!!