Être en Voyage: A sense of nostalgia ... ^^

Hi there!

Well, as you already know i tend to be very lazy, so here it is, without further ado: the description to my newest video! :D

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This is a dreamy collage of material (Video&Sound Panasonic GF1 only) from a short 1 week trip to Ticino, Switzerland in February 2010; visiting my family, half-sisters and so on ^^

This was the first time to check out the video capability of my beloved GF1 (with 14-45mm lens). It is clear to me now that the GF1 is not a replacement for a good camcorder. It is HD, alright. But the image-quality is a bit jerky for my taste. Close-Up's look fantastic though! The Lack of an Image-stabilizer is a bit annoying but not that dramatic; everything i shot was freehand.
Microphone is ok, it is mono but i have to say a good mono! Voices come through very clearly and for music .. yeah well, it's still mono ... what do you expect? ^^

The Piano i played on is actually my younger sister's one. But she stopped playing for a long time now so i thought it would be nice to spend some time with it; i it must have been quite lonely all these months ;)
I guess you already noticed that i simply improvised .. uhm .. something! ^^ (running out of ideas at times but still continued, very relaxing btw!) I got a bit tired of practising "Pictures of an Exhibition". That's the reason why i don't make any progress on it: always start improvising in circles in the middle of practice ... and i still suck at it, even today :)

For editing&post-processing: just sometimes Brightness&Contrast and rarely a shadow/highlight filter which messed up some shots (you can see that slight strange flickering ... sry, too lazy to re-render it, just noticed it at 70% upload). The clips from the fireplace are not modified btw!! (look gorgeous, don't they?)

Hope you like it! And hope it helps!

ps: even though 13hrs is pretty rough .. i love to travel by train!