started to blog! ... kind of ;)

Hey there!

Well, i decided to start a blog on Blogger! So i can post very random stuff there instead of here which would pretty mess up my website ;) I am not quite sure how this blog is going to develop but let's wait and see! The title is "mind .no kaori" ... could be translated as: a mind's fragrance ... i know it's a bit cheesy. Maybe i am going to change it soon; i simply didn't had enough ideas ;)

Btw. i am working on several things at once right now! If everything is going smoothly then I'll have new improv videos and new galleries to upload in the next couple of months. Fingers crossed!




Update: Now i realize that this name is stupid as hell! ... well this is something you could call a "jugendsünde" afterwards (like in 2 decades or something) :P