New spontaneous improvisation - Variation in d

Improvised on June 22th 2011 at a little recital thing at uni.
The theme ... ? I am not sure, somehow the recent Arabic/North African uprising came to my mind when I played and listened to it. So until I know what I want to call this let's use the boring work-in-progress title 'Variation' ;)
I haven't played in this scale for a longer while so I felt like trying to be more virtuous for a change.
To be honest at first I did not really like this take but the other one I did today (June 24th) was worse, so in contrast it's not that bad ^^ I did not really practice, trying to create something without a real basis, prepared only with a handful of motives. Still have a lot of difficulty with this, definitely a long way to go :)
Oh, apologies for the audio, I've chosen the wrong preset by mistake (again). One with high gain + limiter ;) 
ps: The photograph is one I took in 2008. And no it is not the Caspian sea as the style of music would suggest. It's from south-west Ireland, looking northwards :)