Another Year

Alright, I think one of today's random snapshots I took while hiking is ideal to complete another random one from May 2011. And both of them are ideal to complete an improvisation Holly and I did spontaneously on a relaxed afternoon in July. That was 2011. And now it's already 2012!

Well, Another Year :)

This tune is a little improvisation by 'Avannamut'. That's Holly Bidgood (flute) and me, Kaoru Mevy (Piano). Recorded in July 2011. It's from a tiny set called 'Heading North'

The first bit was filmed in the south of UK in mid-Spring 2011, the second bit today in Franconia, Germany. Both in quite different, but at the same time, similar circumstances.
The theme of this video ... ? Maybe that things which were fresh and vivid just a year ago are now dissolved, awaiting the next spring, a new beginning.

The title 'Another Year' is not really related to the film by Mike Leigh but maybe unconsciously influenced by it ;) Fantastic film btw, highly recommended!

It is baffling to me how time continues to speed up, although I do realise that the things occurring in life do not dramatically cease or increase but basically stay about the same. The past year has been in retrospect in a way a tumultuous one, I did not have much energy to work extensively on my photography or music. This is going to change, well it has to :)

Hope you like it!