Memoirs of an Office Worker - a new piano set recorded in my lunchbreaks

A tiny collection of Improvisations. Describing certain moments of an office worker's life.
Actually recorded in short lunch breaks at my workplace. (April 2nd, 5th and 13th 2012), using only my tiny Yamaha C24, hence the lacking quality of the recordings ;)

I am glad I got into playing again, but I need to move forward. This sound is too worn out by now, it's boring. It needs some tweaking. Maybe starting next week, when I have the chance to work with proper equipment to do some little experiments. Including voice! uh~!


1. early morning commute
This track should bring up the image of someone cycling to work early in the morning, surrounded by airy fog, glowing from the still sparkingly chilly light of sunrise.

2. Escalators and Elevators - a Foyer's Quadrille
Imagine a skyscraper's entrance area in the morning, a foyer with dozens of busy escalators and elevators. People riding up and down.
3. Daydream
The office worker in an elevator, looking over the skyline while speeding upwards. Daydreaming.
4. In all secrecy
A meeting of suits in an office briefing room, discussing tensely; in all secrecy.
5. v0.0245 alpha
In the spirit of this set I thought this track could illustrate things at work. In the office-worker context not machines but programming code, running feverishly across the screen.
6. Afternoon Musing
30th something floor, late afternoon. The sun shining. The office worker ceases to work for a while, for an afternoon musing.
7. late night
Working late night in the office. Some few lights are still turned on, the bright workplace in the middle of a sea of dark cubicles. Metropolitan lights glimmer through the wide glass facade.
8. Downtown Lunchtime Cakewalk
A longer lunchbreak, the worker roaming through busy downtown.
9. Memoirs of an Office Worker
This concludes the Memoirs of an Office Worker set.
Our protagonist reflecting on past events, in a light hearted, maybe slightly nostalgic manner.