New Music by Avannamut! - 2 tiny sets

Avannamut, that is Holly Bidgood and me Mevy.

Some spontaneous improvisations Holly and I did while I was on a week long holiday/visit in Scotland. Not professionally rehearsed or recorded. Simply enjoying some rainy&windy afternoons in the house. With tea breaks, of course :)


2 other tracks which didn't quite fit with the 3 other ones, so we put them in a separate set (We'll add more to this one next time we have a chance to make some music). The first track suffers a bit from the out of tune flute and the way too loud (and clumsily played) piano, but the sound is somewhat nicely raw and emotional, so we kept it.

 I absolutely love the second track, Holly's improvisation. I have to learn the clarinet as well ^^

 I promise there will be more of that, when we finally manage to live in the same area. A few hours making music is certainly not enough :)


Hope you like it!