New Album/Set ::: in conformity

Today I rediscovered some improvisations I did last year while living in Germany. I remember that initially I totally hated them and ignored the files for over a year. Just by chance I came across this folder. After listening to all this raw material (while I should have been focusing on my master thesis) I realized that some of the recordings weren't that bad. So why not making another set then?

The image is night time Tokyo btw.    

The image is night time Tokyo btw.


 This is basically a continuation of the Memoirs of an Office Worker album. These were actually recorded only a few weeks after that one. Most of the recordings from these sessions are really crap, so I'll never touch them again ;) But these few one-time-improv attempts stood out, they have this relatively dark and intense atmosphere and I can tell that I was, at least most of the time, well focused while improvising. I was quite surprised when I listened to them today! The question was how to contextualise ... So in the end I went with a relatively dark theme of compliance/conformity in the context of a work environment ;)

So I hope this will be the last piano centric thing published for now. I really need to get away from the piano ... Don't get me wrong, It's a gorgeous instrument! It has been a wild, sometimes problematic, relationship in the past 17 years. Well, time to expand the vocabulary! Then, after various discoveries, the piano will certainly give way for more interesting stuff :)

Hope you like it!