Ivan's Delirium ::: a Remix/Tribute to Ivan's Childhood, Zerkalo, Dekalog and Persona

Just recently finished this remix thing. I had the sound in January already but I only took the time 2 days ago to do the visual part. Happy with the result, could be worse :) It is still inconsistent but at least it has atmosphere. Not that easy to bundle up 4 different films into something new-ish.

Apologies for not being very active here. It is a shame, because I always want to try out some new ideas but rarely find the time to work on them. Well, no rush. Still have some time left ;)

So here's the video, below some more text:

This is a little tribute to the work of three filmmakers I highly admire, Andrei Tarkovsky, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Ingmar Bergman (although his film is not really visually represented here; but in sound!). Chapeau to the composers and sound-designers btw!

It has started as a seminar project for uni with the topic "appropriation". I had the choice to either prepare a dull presentation or try something on my own. Since I have never done a remix ever before in my life I saw this as an opportunity to have a second look at some films I really appreciated and some I recently had seen. Especially Zerkalo is a long time favourite! I could have chosen others as well but I had the idea of capturing the moments of guilt, guilty conscience, hesitation, nervousness, daydreaming and so forth ... and remix all of it into an orgy of tension. But! ... I found out pretty soon that that is incredibly difficult. Especially when there aren't that many scenes in the first place. So I changed the concept, as a way out, to that of a dream, delirium, nightmare. Yes, it was the easy road but at least that way the inconsistencies that come into existence when several different narratives/styles are mixed together can be "easily" explained. It is still not how I wanted it to be, but that doesn't matter. Building an atmosphere was my highest priority after all. With Ivan as the main protagonists. Who the other people are and what the dream is about ... well, I leave that to your imagination ;)

Back in January I started with the sound which only includes the sounds and music of the films. It took me only a week or two, while choosing the right clips with the right sound (and interesting visuals) took the most time. Because many things kept me busy it took me half a year until I started the day before yesterday to work on the visual part. Two intensive days of cutting and thinking resulted into this. I am mildly satisfied, the next time I do a remix or work with collages I'll be hopefully better prepared.

Hope you like it!