Shibaraku Kikyou - しばらく 帰郷 - finally finished!!! It's complete

So after I've accumulated all images from my trip to Japan in 2010 it is time to revisit all these impressions. 

906 of them to be exact ^^

Interesting to see how my way of editing changed from time to time. The first time I had a look at these images was in Spring 2011. The early ones are my favorite, I guess because the impressions I had were so powerful for me. Haven't been in Japan for 12 years at that point.

I still have hours of video and audio material which I wanted to use for a multimedia installation, I have a bad feeling though that they will never see the day of light ... well, who knows :)

That was it, Shibaraku Kikyou in 2010!

Shibaraku Kikyou - しばらく 帰郷

Shibaraku Kikyou - しばらく 帰郷