Soundtrack for Short Documentary Houshi - By Fritz Schumann

Yay! It's finally online! 
This is a short documentary by my friend Fritz Schumann, a talented filmmaker who is just starting out. I had the privilege to help him with his second film "Houshi" by making a bit of music.

Houshi is a hotel in Japan which has a 1300(!) year old history. It is still in the same family, in the 46th generation. But things are not easy and simple. The pressure of the promise to the ancestors to keep Houshi running can be difficult to deal with. Particularly after the oldest son passed away a few years ago and the competition gets more and more fierce. Challenging the traditional way of things.
Fritz managed to do very intimate interviews with the father, the mother and the daughter, who is still uncertain about her role at Houshi. Let's hope that they will get through these tough times. Still: there is a silver lining on the horizon :)


Making the music was a fun process! I will cherish the memory of these evenings after work when I made little changes here and there. With many mails going forth and back I learned substantial lessons about music for film. Fritz helped a great deal with his very precise and helpful feedback.

That was a good preparation for the future. So: Keep an eye out for the next projects! Which includes a rather challenging and big one as well. They should arrive on your screen in the coming 3-6 months :)

Hope you like it!

Soundtrack is on Bandcamp but also on Soundcloud: