New Album/Set ::: in conformity

Today I rediscovered some improvisations I did last year while living in Germany. I remember that initially I totally hated them and ignored the files for over a year. Just by chance I came across this folder. After listening to all this raw material (while I should have been focusing on my master thesis) I realized that some of the recordings weren't that bad. So why not making another set then?

The image is night time Tokyo btw.    

The image is night time Tokyo btw.


 This is basically a continuation of the Memoirs of an Office Worker album. These were actually recorded only a few weeks after that one. Most of the recordings from these sessions are really crap, so I'll never touch them again ;) But these few one-time-improv attempts stood out, they have this relatively dark and intense atmosphere and I can tell that I was, at least most of the time, well focused while improvising. I was quite surprised when I listened to them today! The question was how to contextualise ... So in the end I went with a relatively dark theme of compliance/conformity in the context of a work environment ;)

So I hope this will be the last piano centric thing published for now. I really need to get away from the piano ... Don't get me wrong, It's a gorgeous instrument! It has been a wild, sometimes problematic, relationship in the past 17 years. Well, time to expand the vocabulary! Then, after various discoveries, the piano will certainly give way for more interesting stuff :)

Hope you like it!

Ivan's Delirium ::: a Remix/Tribute to Ivan's Childhood, Zerkalo, Dekalog and Persona

Just recently finished this remix thing. I had the sound in January already but I only took the time 2 days ago to do the visual part. Happy with the result, could be worse :) It is still inconsistent but at least it has atmosphere. Not that easy to bundle up 4 different films into something new-ish.

Apologies for not being very active here. It is a shame, because I always want to try out some new ideas but rarely find the time to work on them. Well, no rush. Still have some time left ;)

So here's the video, below some more text:

This is a little tribute to the work of three filmmakers I highly admire, Andrei Tarkovsky, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Ingmar Bergman (although his film is not really visually represented here; but in sound!). Chapeau to the composers and sound-designers btw!

It has started as a seminar project for uni with the topic "appropriation". I had the choice to either prepare a dull presentation or try something on my own. Since I have never done a remix ever before in my life I saw this as an opportunity to have a second look at some films I really appreciated and some I recently had seen. Especially Zerkalo is a long time favourite! I could have chosen others as well but I had the idea of capturing the moments of guilt, guilty conscience, hesitation, nervousness, daydreaming and so forth ... and remix all of it into an orgy of tension. But! ... I found out pretty soon that that is incredibly difficult. Especially when there aren't that many scenes in the first place. So I changed the concept, as a way out, to that of a dream, delirium, nightmare. Yes, it was the easy road but at least that way the inconsistencies that come into existence when several different narratives/styles are mixed together can be "easily" explained. It is still not how I wanted it to be, but that doesn't matter. Building an atmosphere was my highest priority after all. With Ivan as the main protagonists. Who the other people are and what the dream is about ... well, I leave that to your imagination ;)

Back in January I started with the sound which only includes the sounds and music of the films. It took me only a week or two, while choosing the right clips with the right sound (and interesting visuals) took the most time. Because many things kept me busy it took me half a year until I started the day before yesterday to work on the visual part. Two intensive days of cutting and thinking resulted into this. I am mildly satisfied, the next time I do a remix or work with collages I'll be hopefully better prepared.

Hope you like it!

New Music by Avannamut! - 2 tiny sets

Avannamut, that is Holly Bidgood and me Mevy.

Some spontaneous improvisations Holly and I did while I was on a week long holiday/visit in Scotland. Not professionally rehearsed or recorded. Simply enjoying some rainy&windy afternoons in the house. With tea breaks, of course :)


2 other tracks which didn't quite fit with the 3 other ones, so we put them in a separate set (We'll add more to this one next time we have a chance to make some music). The first track suffers a bit from the out of tune flute and the way too loud (and clumsily played) piano, but the sound is somewhat nicely raw and emotional, so we kept it.

 I absolutely love the second track, Holly's improvisation. I have to learn the clarinet as well ^^

 I promise there will be more of that, when we finally manage to live in the same area. A few hours making music is certainly not enough :)


Hope you like it!


Memoirs of an Office Worker - a new piano set recorded in my lunchbreaks

A tiny collection of Improvisations. Describing certain moments of an office worker's life.
Actually recorded in short lunch breaks at my workplace. (April 2nd, 5th and 13th 2012), using only my tiny Yamaha C24, hence the lacking quality of the recordings ;)

I am glad I got into playing again, but I need to move forward. This sound is too worn out by now, it's boring. It needs some tweaking. Maybe starting next week, when I have the chance to work with proper equipment to do some little experiments. Including voice! uh~!


1. early morning commute
This track should bring up the image of someone cycling to work early in the morning, surrounded by airy fog, glowing from the still sparkingly chilly light of sunrise.

2. Escalators and Elevators - a Foyer's Quadrille
Imagine a skyscraper's entrance area in the morning, a foyer with dozens of busy escalators and elevators. People riding up and down.
3. Daydream
The office worker in an elevator, looking over the skyline while speeding upwards. Daydreaming.
4. In all secrecy
A meeting of suits in an office briefing room, discussing tensely; in all secrecy.
5. v0.0245 alpha
In the spirit of this set I thought this track could illustrate things at work. In the office-worker context not machines but programming code, running feverishly across the screen.
6. Afternoon Musing
30th something floor, late afternoon. The sun shining. The office worker ceases to work for a while, for an afternoon musing.
7. late night
Working late night in the office. Some few lights are still turned on, the bright workplace in the middle of a sea of dark cubicles. Metropolitan lights glimmer through the wide glass facade.
8. Downtown Lunchtime Cakewalk
A longer lunchbreak, the worker roaming through busy downtown.
9. Memoirs of an Office Worker
This concludes the Memoirs of an Office Worker set.
Our protagonist reflecting on past events, in a light hearted, maybe slightly nostalgic manner.

Another Year

Alright, I think one of today's random snapshots I took while hiking is ideal to complete another random one from May 2011. And both of them are ideal to complete an improvisation Holly and I did spontaneously on a relaxed afternoon in July. That was 2011. And now it's already 2012!

Well, Another Year :)

This tune is a little improvisation by 'Avannamut'. That's Holly Bidgood (flute) and me, Kaoru Mevy (Piano). Recorded in July 2011. It's from a tiny set called 'Heading North'

The first bit was filmed in the south of UK in mid-Spring 2011, the second bit today in Franconia, Germany. Both in quite different, but at the same time, similar circumstances.
The theme of this video ... ? Maybe that things which were fresh and vivid just a year ago are now dissolved, awaiting the next spring, a new beginning.

The title 'Another Year' is not really related to the film by Mike Leigh but maybe unconsciously influenced by it ;) Fantastic film btw, highly recommended!

It is baffling to me how time continues to speed up, although I do realise that the things occurring in life do not dramatically cease or increase but basically stay about the same. The past year has been in retrospect in a way a tumultuous one, I did not have much energy to work extensively on my photography or music. This is going to change, well it has to :)

Hope you like it!